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There’s more to You than meets the casual eyes.

Welcome to Inspirationsity.

The purpose of this website is to provide inspiring contents that will open your eyes to your own greatness and to the potentials you never realized existed.

Many grew up with words that made them feel unworthy, unloved, unimportant, unabled, unqualified, unwanted and hopeless. Many have passively allowed these negative messages from the past to influence their thinking and actions today.

Why do we stand in judgement of ourselves when our heavenly Father has made us in a beautiful, amazing and wonderful way?  Don’t you think it is time we start telling ourselves good things that will help us to think and act more positively? The contents published through Inspirationsity will help us see ourselves in a better light.

The Truth declared on this website will allow you to realize how truly worthy, capable and valuable you are to our Father in heaven. The amount of Truth you can accept about yourself will determine your life’s transformation and free you from the shackles of ignorance.

Your words can be your salvation and your words can be your damnation; So, get up, wise up, speak up and declare what you want, out loud, right now, for your own good and for the highest good of all.

The GRATITUDE page will allow you share with others what Our Heavenly Father has done for you or through you. It is an avenue for you to honor your Creator and to show respect for those He has used in preserving, protecting and providing for you.

You are allowed to use the declarations, images, audios and videos for your personal growth and recommend it to your loved ones and to everyone within your sphere of influence.

Life is too short to keep your stories to yourself.

What is the value of your life’s experiences? What are the lessons and blessings the stories of your life will offer humanity? The victory, defeat, sadness, joy, ups and downs, actions, inactions, and the results you experience, can make a great difference in the lives of those who read and hear about them; both in this generation and those to come. Start sharing your story today! Visit the GRATITUDE page.

 Absolute Truth We Should Be Living By:


Would you take your words seriously? Your words can be your salvation. Your words can be your damnation.

Unconditional Love

Would you desire and support a person to grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually and be all that they can be?


Would you always be thankful and enjoy whatever blessings come your way?

Living in the now.

Would you focus your energy and attention on this present moment? This present moment is all you have.


Is your heart and mind filled and overflowing with the good things of life?


Would you be of service? We cannot give unless we get. We cannot get unless we give.


Would you Rise up and Shine? We all have something unique to offer the world.


Would you be honest in small matters so that you can be trusted to be honest in bigger things?


Would you stop looking down on yourself? You don’t have to be above average for your heavenly father to do great things through you.

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