I feel so hopeless – Jaiye

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Jaiye: I feel so hopeless

Wisdom: What happened?

Jaiye: After all these years of hoping and working hard, I’ve experience another major defeat again

Wisdom: Do you know that defeat is common to all people and it’s a reality faced by everyone?

Jaiye: I am not everyone and I don’t agree with you. Some people win all the time. How long will I continue to wait in vain?

Wisdom: Do you know that if you were to win all the time, your character will have no chance to grow and you might become proud, arrogant and shallow; and rely on yourself without regards for the opinion or the help of others?

Jaiye: What are you talking about? I said I’m becoming hopeless because things are not working out exactly as I planned and you are here talking about character growth, pride and regards for other people’s opinion and help?

Wisdom: What are you learning from your defeat? Are you growing and getting greater understanding of yourself, your situation, motivation and your purpose on earth?

Jaiye: I’m about to lose heart. This defeat is crushing me rather than making me a better person. What lessons can I possibly learn by living in perpetual lack and can’t afford most things that I desire?

Wisdom: Do you know your setback can either make you frustrated and disappointed, or you can view it as a lesson, perhaps, even a gift?

Jaiye: Gift? I am angry at life and what it is throwing at me. How can this unpleasant experience be regarded as a gift?

Wisdom: Do you think you can turn your back on life, get angry at life, and still enjoy a pleasant and abundant life?

Jaiye: How do you mean?

Wisdom: It will be more rewarding for you to embrace life and decide within yourself that the universe wants you to be happy and to enjoy an abundant life; and begin to live your life is such a way that reflects this belief.

Jaiye: So, what should I do to avoid further defeat and lack?

Wisdom: If you don’t experience lack, how can you know the true value of abundance? If you don’t experience defeat, how can you know the sweet taste of victory?

Jaiye: So, what should I do now?

Wisdom: Learn the lessons that life is teaching you. Never lose heart. Never give up. Keep rising whenever you fall. The most certain route to a successful life is to always try one more time

Jaiye: Is that all?

Wisdom: Let’s take a break for now. Consider all we have discussed; in the meantime, keep this affirmation always in your heart and mouth.

Jaiye: I choose to believe, my life has ultimate significance
and my life holds great potential.
I choose to adequately utilize my talent,
relationships, enthusiasm, love and special gifts.

I choose not to think of my frustrations
but to think about my unfulfilled potential
and how to unleash them to
enrich the world

I choose not to deny
the great potential God has placed in me
and I choose not to underestimate
what I carry on the inside

My life has ultimate significance

What are you grateful? Turn your experiences into valuable lessons that might help others now and/or in the future. Read other people’s stories and Share your stories today and let it reflect your thankfulness to our Heavenly Father and your appreciation to those He used.

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