She feels so ashamed of herself and some of her past actions

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Sarah: I feel so ashamed of myself and some of my past actions

Wisdom: Why?

Sarah: I’ve done a lot of things and been through a lot of things in my past. Right now, I am so full of guilt

Wisdom: Have you asked God for forgiveness?

Sarah: Yes, I have. However, I still feel unworthy and not proud of myself because of the people my actions have negatively affected

Wisdom: Have you asked these people for forgiveness?

Sarah: Yes, I have. Yet, I can’t look them in the face because of the memories of my actions

Wisdom: Sarah, don’t you think it’s time you forgive yourself and pick yourself up once again?

Sarah: Forgive myself? You know that’s a difficult thing to do. I’ve tried forgiving myself but I still feel I can’t keep living with the guilt and shame

Wisdom: Do you know that difficulties with self-forgiveness have been linked with suicide attempt, eating disorder, and alcohol abuse, among other problems?

Sarah: Really? So, how is self-forgiveness going to make me erase my past missteps?

Wisdom: Forgiving yourself will not make you erase your past mistakes, but it will help you take responsibility for making the future more better than the past

Sarah: You know sometimes it’s easier said than done. I’ve tried forgetting these events and yet, it still lingers in my mind and wouldn’t let me focus on what I should do and become

Wisdom: Of course, it’s not going to be an easy thing to do but you should realize that forgiving yourself is not about forgetting the events of the past, it’s about not bringing the offence up to yourself in a negative way

Sarah: What if others try to bring it up against me?

Wisdom: Sarah, the reality is that you cannot change what has happened and you do not have much influence on how others will treat you, however, you can choose to make a difference in the lives of people around you.

Sarah: Don’t you think it’s too late and I can’t really make a difference anymore? What if God decides to punish me in the future?

Wisdom: Don’t you think it’s time you see God as your Heavenly Father and rely on the scriptures that says: “As a father is kind to his children, so the Lord is kind to those who honour him” “He does not punish us as we deserve or repay us according to our sins and wrongs?”.

Sarah: So, what would you suggest I do now?

Wisdom: It will be rewarding if you start thinking, talking and acting on what you can do to be a blessing to everyone around you. Your life holds a matchless purpose and it is highly significance, you too can add great value to humanity.

Sarah: Thanks wisdom. I choose to forgive myself, pick myself up and bring out the best of me to make life less difficult for others.

Wisdom: That’s a great attitude. I will leave you with the following positive self-talk. Keep saying it to yourself out loud daily, until your heart fully believes it, and then begin to take steps that will make you radiate confidence, courage and wellbeing:

Sarah: I forgive myself

I chose to realize,
I am like a blade of grass
here today and gone tomorrow.
I am like a vapor, here today and then gone.

Therefore, I choose to stop beating myself up
for past mistakes and missteps.
My past circumstances cannot abort
future opportunities.

I choose to be all
that I was intended and predestined to be,
for my creator, myself and for humanity.
To forgive is divine.

I choose to believe,
I do not have to stoop over
just because some aspects of my life
haven’t been working so well.

I choose to forgive myself
for any perceived failure,
stand tall once again, and reclaim
my sense of human dignity.

I choose to dedicate my life
to the greatest good of all,
and release my potential to make
the world a better place.

I forgive myself


What are you grateful? Turn your experiences into valuable lessons that might help others now and/or in the future. Read other people’s stories and Share your stories today and let it reflect your thankfulness to our Heavenly Father and your appreciation to those He used.

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